Italian Battleships of World War II - NEW VANGUARD 182

Osprey Publishing

СерияНовый Авангард
номер ISBN9781849083805
АвторMark Stille
ИллюстраторПол Райт

Une documentation signée Osprey Publishing le livre «Italian Battleships of World War II – NEW VANGUARD 182» .

Italy’s navy, the Regia Marina was the fourth-largest naval force in the world at the outbreak of World War II, and yet is often overlooked and largely discounted as ineffective. In general the fleet was made up of obsolete vessels, lacked radar functionality, and had a reputation for indiscipline and poorly trained crews. The complex and bureaucratic command system imposed on the fleet further hampered its effectiveness. In this book, Mark Stille details why the Italian battleships were able to maintain a solid reputation, examining their impressive designs and the courage and determination of the fleet at Calabria, Sirte, Cape Spartiveto and Cape Matapan, all illustrated with stunning photographs from the Italian Navy’s own archives.

Источник: Osprey Publishing

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Italian Battleships of World War II - NEW VANGUARD 182
Italian Battleships of World War II – NEW VANGUARD 182
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