SD. КФЗ.11 с ПАК 40-ITALERI 7065


Ref 7065
TypeModel kit

Sd. Kfz.11 with PAK 40

A model of the brand ITALERI комплект Sd. Kfz.11 with PAK 40 – ITALERI 7065.

This tractor of German Army artillery was used extensively during World War II. Offering good quality of movement the Sd. Kfz. 11 was able to pull all the pieces of artillery controcarri in line and most of the medium-caliber shells as well as the complex multiple rocket launchers. On the same hull versions were also made ​​for the transport of armored or infantry support weapons.

Источник: M110A2 by Italeri

SD. КФЗ.11 с ПАК 40-ITALERI 7065
SD. КФЗ.11 с ПАК 40-ITALERI 7065
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