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Um modelo da marca Zvezda o kit: Bradley – Zvezda 7406.

Suitable for use with Hot War The Bradley Veículo De Combate A (or BFV) was named for the United State’s European Field Commander during World War II, Omar Bradley. It was developed as a response to the Soviet BMP series, and was intended as a troop transport and scout vehicle. The vehicle mounted a 25mm chain gun and twin launchers designed to fire wire-guided TOW anti-tank missiles. A 7.62mm machinegun rounded out the vehicle’s armament. The Bradley used aluminum armor, reinforced with steel skirts and laminate belts for protection. It has a crew of three and can transport up to six soldier and gear. When the U.S. developed the BFV, it needed to have good maneuverability cross-country and enough speed to maintain formations with the new Abrams tanks, while providing protection and fire support for a squad of infantry. The competing needs of the design led to numerous development delays and cost overruns. As a result, the BFV did not enter use until 1981, almost 20 years after design work began

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