German VK4502 (P) Vorne - HOBBY BOSS 82444



German VK4502 (P) Vorne



A scale model of the la marque HobbyBoss the model : “German VK4502 (P) Vorne“. Porsche et Henschel furent une fois de plus mis en concurrence sur ce projet. Porsche proposa deux versions de son prototype VK 4502(P)the one with a front turret like the Tiger(P), Type 180, the other with a rear turret, the Type 181. The turret was developed by Wegmann. Both versions retained the electric transmission developed by Porsche.
German VK4502 (P) Vorne - HOBBY BOSS 82444
German VK4502 (P) Vorne – HOBBY BOSS 82444
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