L'arsenal d'armes SP036 - de La gravité de Zugkraftwagen 18t Sd.De l'automobile.9

Waffen Arsenal Special

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Zugkraftwagen 18 t Famo – Sdkfz.9


Une documentation signée Waffen Arsenal la revue «Zugkraftwagen 18 t Famo – Waffen Arsenal Special 36» .

The Sd.Kfz. 9 (also known as « Famo » ) was a German half-track that saw widespread use in World War II. Its main roles were as a prime mover for very

heavy towed guns such as the 24 cm Kanone 3 and as a tank recovery vehicle. Approximately 2,500 were produced between 1938 and 1945.

Source: Wikipedia

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Das waffen arsenal SP036 - Der schwere Zugkraftwagen 18t Sd.Kfz.9
Zugkraftwagen 18 t Famo – Waffen Arsenal Special 36
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