V-2 Ballistic Missile 1942–52 - NEW VANGUARD 82

Osprey Publishing

SerieNouvelle Avant-Garde
AuteurSteven J Zaloga
IllustratorRobert Calow

Un livre signé par Osprey Publishing the «V-2 Ballistic Missile 1942–52 – NEW VANGUARD 82» .

The German A-4 ballistic missile, better known by its propaganda name of V-2, was the worlds first successful ballistic missile, breaking through the atmosphere to reach its target quicker. It was a forerunner of Cold War ballistic missiles and its combat use in 1944-45 set the pattern for the use of Scud ballistic missiles in recent decades. The V-2 offensive lasted from September 1944 until March 1945 with over 3,000 rockets being launched. This book examines the combat record of the V-2 in World War II, with a special focus on how a German missile battalion actually prepared and fired its missiles.

Source: osprey

V-2 Ballistic Missile 1942–52 - NEW VANGUARD 82
V-2 Ballistic Missile 1942–52 – NEW VANGUARD 82
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