British Quad Bikes and Crew - Airfix A04701


TypeKit De Modèle

British Quad Bikes and Crew

Un modèle de la marque Airfix le kit : British Quad Bikes and Crew – Airfix A04701.

Delivering vital combat supplies to troops on the ground, quad bikes and trailers are providing sterling service on frontline operations. This latest batch of Afghanistan-bound ATVs and trailers will deliver food, water and ammunition to the front line, in difficult to access areas or where larger vehicles are not suitable, effectively running alongside those who are on dismounted operations. 8 Figures Included

Source: British Quad Bikes and Crew on Airfix

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British Quad Bikes and Crew - Airfix A04701
Britanniques de quads et de son Équipage – Airfix A04701
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