M24 Chaffee Kevyt Tankki 1943-85 - UUSI VANGUARD 77

Osprey Publishing

SarjaUusi Vanguard
KirjoittajaSteven J Zaloga
KuvittajaJim Laurier

Kirja allekirjoittanut Osprey Publishing the «M24 Chaffee Light Tank 1943–85 – NEW VANGUARD 77» .

The history of US light tanks during World War II is a chequered one. The Light Battalions of US Armored Divisions were initially filled with M3A1 and M5 Stuart tanks, however, on the battlefields of North Africa it was realised that these were disastrously under armoured and gunned, and a replacement, or the abandonment of light tank doctrine, was desperately needed. It wasn’t until the last few months of WWII that the M24 Chaffee came into service and it was extensively used in combat from the Battle of the Bulge to the final campaigns in Germany. This book will trace the history of this design, its combat record in World War II, its many variants, and its extensive combat record post 1945

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M24 Chaffee Kevyt Tankki 1943-85 - UUSI VANGUARD 77
M24 Chaffee Kevyt Tankki 1943-85 – UUSI VANGUARD 77
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