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Autoprotetto S.37 (Armored Car)

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Autocarro Protetto S37 was an armoured car based on the Fiat/Spa TL37 light artillery tractor. S37 did not have firing ports which would have allowed the crew to fight from inside the vehicle. Troops engaging an enemy from the vehicle had to expose themselves to fire over the top edge of the compartment. S-37 was later fitted with two trench shields on each side as additional crew protection. The Autocarro Protetto had huge tires, providing superior traction in sand. Some S-37 armored cars were used by Wehrmacht both at Balkans theater and even during Kursk battle in the middle of 1943

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Autoprotetto S.37 (Armored Car) - Ace Models 72284
Autoprotetto S.37 (Armored Car) – Ace Models 72284
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