JGSDF τύπος 87 αυτοκινούμενα αντιαεροπορικά όπλο - VOYAGER ΜΟΝΤΈΛΟ PE35531

Voyager Μοντέλο


JGSDF type 87 Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun

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News 2012 of the brand Voyager Μοντέλο το κιτ αναβάθμισης «JGSDF type 87 Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun – VOYAGER MODEL PE35531» για TRUMPETER 01599

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) is main branch of the Japan Self-Defense Forces responsible for land-based military operations. It is the de facto army of Japan. The largest of the three services of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force operates is tasked with maintaining internal security in Japan and operates under the command of the chief of the ground staff, based in the city of Ichigaya, Tokyo. The present chief of ground staff is General Eiji Kimizuka (Japanese: 君塚 栄治). The JGSDF numbered around 148,000 soldiers as of 2008. The JGSDF was created on July 1, 1954. Up until the end of the Cold War, its primary concern was maintaining internal security in Japan and countering a Soviet invasion of Hokkaido.

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