Russian KV-1 Mod1939 - Trumpeter 01561


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Russian KV-1 Mod1939

Ένα κιτ από τη μάρκα Trumpeter το κιτ: «Russian KV-1 Mod1939 – Trumpeter 01561». The KV type tank that research to manufacture wins in the competition of the heavy type tank from the factory of Kirov in 1939, ising named after KV-1. First material in KV-1 types L-11s 76.2 mm of artillery; July of 1940, the heavy type in the series of KV tank production be transfered by the factory of Kirov the 100 factory production, henceforth the KV-1 that produce all changed to pack better types F-32s in function 76.2 mm of artillery.
Πηγή: Russian KV-1 Mod1939 by Trumpeter
Russian KV-1 Mod1939 - Trumpeter 01561
Ρωσικά KV-1 Mod1939 – Τρομπετίστας 01561
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