Sea King Mk.41 "Anniversary"


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Sea King Mk.41 “Anniversary”

Ένα μοντέλο της μάρκας Revell το κιτ: Sea King Mk.41 “Anniversary” – Revell 4899.

Germany’s MFG 5 (Naval Wing 5) has used the Sea King since 1975. In 2003, the group decorated their Sea Kings with a special livery to celebrate the 45th anniversary of search-and-rescue missions. Kit features a detailed cockpit with instrument panel, a detailed interior/cargo area, four Skua guided weapons, launcher frames, a sliding door with a choice of two mounting positions, movable rotors, nose and fuselage radomes, antennas, sensors and a super decal set with markings for a 45th anniversary of SAR helicopter from 2003 and a Sea Skua version.

Πηγή: Θάλασσα King Mk.41 η Revell

Sea King Mk.41 "Anniversary"
Sea King Mk.41 "Anniversary"
Θάλασσα King Mk.41 "Επέτειο" – Revell 4899
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