ΧώραΣοβιετική Ένωση
ΤύποςΦορτηγό του στρατού
Βάρος συγκρατήσεων6700 kg
Ωφέλιμο φορτίο5000 kg

Το ZIL-131 is a general purpose 3.5 tons 6×6 army truck designed in the Soviet Union by ZIL. The basic model being a general cargo truck. Variants include a tractor-trailer truck, a dump truck, a fuel truck, and a 6×6 for towing a 4-wheeled powered trailer. The ZIL-131 also serves as a platform for the 9P138 rocket launcher, a 30-tube variant of the BM-21 “Grad”. The ZIL-131 has a civilian version the ZIL-130, both were introduced in 1967 as a family of two trucks sharing identical components. The ZIL-131 6×6 has the same equipment as the GAZ-66 and Ural-375D. The ZIL-130/131 was in production at the “AMUR” truck plant (as the AMUR 531340), with both gasoline and diesel engines, until 2012 when AMUR shut down and filed for bankruptcy.

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