1/35 Panzer IV L/70(Α) - DML 6689

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Panzer IV L/70 (A)

Μια εξάρτηση από το εμπορικό σήμα Δράκος Πρότυπος το κιτ : “Panzer IV L/70(A) – DML 6689”.

Dragon has created a “killer kit” with a 1/35 scale version of this important tank destroyer! It’s based on the company’s Panzer IV Smart Kit family, but it boasts a great many new parts. As a Smart Kit, there’s a one-piece lower hull, convenient Magic Tracks and on-vehicle tools featuring crisp detail. The fighting compartment is made by slide mold so that no multipart assembling is necessary. The schurzen side screens follow the same design of those used on the Panzer IV J Late Production kit (Item No.6575), these having already attracted praise from modelers. Of special interest, too, is the MP44 Vorsatz “P”. This mounted weapon with a curved barrel could be used to protect blind-spots not covered by the mounted MG42 machine gun. The gun breech is fully represented, and it can be viewed through the open roof hatches. This Panzer IV L/70(A) was announced earlier in 2011, and the wait has been well worth it!

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