BT-7 Tanque Soviético - Zvezda 3545


Ref 3545
Tipo Militar WW2
Escala 1/35

BT-7 Soviet Tank

Um modelo da marca Zvezda o kit: BT-7 Soviet Tank – Zvezda 3545.

The BT-7 light tank was developed in 1935 and was a further refinement of the BT-5. The BT-7 was a high-performance tank with reinforced armored protection in contrast and was used in the of Halkhin-Gol and during World War II.

Fonte: Zvezda

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BT-7 Tanque Soviético - Zvezda 3545
BT-7 Tanque Soviético – Zvezda 3545
Wait, Searching BT-7 Soviet Tank for you…

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