TypeTwin-engine aircraft
PhotographEgor Kalmykov
DescriptionAlbum of 46 photos walk-around of a «WZT-1 ARV»

Photo gallery of a WZT-1 ARV, WZT (Wóz Zabezpieczenia Technicznego – armoured recovery vehicle) was a Polish post-World War II armoured recovery vehicle series. It consists of five versions. The first two, WZT-1 and WZT-2 were built on T-55/T-55A hull, the WZT-3 was built on T-72M hull, the WZT-3M was built on PT-91 hull and the WZT-4 was built on PT-91M hull for Malaysia.

Source: WZT-1 ARV on Wiki

Wait, Searching WZT-1 ARV photos for you…
Wait, Searching WZT-1 ARV for you…

Designedlate 1960s
Weight31.5 tonnes
Length7.10 m
Width3.27 m
Height2.1 m

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