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Aircraft in WWI often became obsolete, though having barely taken to the air. The fast pace of invention in aircraft design often led to nothing, and some ideas and developments became outmoded, which a year or two before had been considered as progressive and innovative. However, some design approaches, which might be considered simple in many respects, ensured not only great success for certain aircraft, but also a kind of rebirth in later types and variants. One such aircraft was the Nieuport 17, which can undoubtedly be named among the ten most famous types of the Great War. Built in 1916 it became a real salvation for the Allies’ air arms and was built in large numbers. Later there appeared the Nieuport 17bis with a modified fuselage, and in the spring of 1917 the designer Gustav Delage developed the next new version of the fighter, the Nieuport 24. The fuselage gained a more rounded cross section in comparison with its predecessor and the wings were rounded at their tips. The horizontal and vertical tail surfaces were also very different from previous models, having a more rounded outline. A powerful 130-hp Le Rh?ne engine was installed in the plane.

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Nieuport 27c1 - Ставки 630
Nieuport 27c1 – Ставки 630
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