Fine Molds FM16 - IJA Type 95 Light Tank HA-GO

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IJA Type 95 Light Tank HA-GO

Ref FM16

Модель бренду Тонкі форми комплект IJA Type 95 Light Tank HA-GO North Manchuria – Fine Molds FM18

Record the number of the largest production in the Japanese tank, was become the center of forces fighting the Japanese Army Tank, Light Tank ninety-five formula is [(c) issue]. There the army was advancing to the early Showa era of mechanized forces, has been developed as a “tank” Mobile with an emphasis on mobility. Equipped with a tank gun, air-cooled diesel engine with 120 horsepower. Reliability, durability has been active in every theater from 1935 until the end of the war high.

Fine Molds FM16 - IJA Type 95 Light Tank HA-GO
IJA Type 95 Light Tank HA-GO – Fine Molds FM16
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