Тяжелый танк IS-2 1944-73 - НОВЫЙ АВАНГАРД 07

Оспри Издательский

СерияНовый авангард
АвторСтивен Дж Залога
IllustratorПитер Сарсон

Книга, подписанная Оспри Издательский the «IS-2 Heavy Tank 1944–73 – NEW VANGUARD 07» .

The Iosef Stalin tanks were the ultimate heavy tanks developed by the Soviet Union and were popularly called ‘Victory tanks’ due to their close association with the defeat of Germany in 1945. Yet in spite of their reputation, the Stalin tanks emerged from a troubled design, had a brief moment of glory in 1944 and 1945, and disappeared in ignominy after 1960. This title covers the events contributing to the Soviet Union’s need to design the new series, with particular reference to the unsuccessful KV series and the advent of a new generation of heavy German tanks including the Tiger. It also covers their development, operational history and myriad variants.

Источник: Оспри Издательский

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Тяжелый танк IS-2 1944-73 - НОВЫЙ АВАНГАРД 07
Тяжелый танк IS-2 1944-73 - НОВЫЙ АВАНГАРД 07
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