ICM S003 - Kronprinz - German Battleship



«Kronprinz», WWI German Battleship

A model of the brand МЦМНИР : комплект Kronprinz – German Battleship – ICM S003.

Battleship “Наследный принц” served with Kaiser German Navy of WWI period. She belonged to the “König” class ships. “Kronprinz” was commissioned 8.11.1914 and entered the 3rd Squadron of Open See Fleet (Hochseeflotte). The battleship took part in many actions against the British Navy and fought in Battle of Jutland (May 31 – June 1, 1916). She was 4th ship in the battle line and had not hits. On November 5, 1916 “Kronprinz” survived a direct torpedo hit fired by the British submarine J-1. On March, 5, 1917 she was involved in a collision at sea with her sistership – the “Grosser Kurfürst”. After repair “Kronprinz” took part in Moonsund operation at Baltic Sea against Russian Navy in September-October 1917. On June 15, 1918 the ship was renamed as “Kronprinz Wilhelm”. After the armistice was signed, “Kronprinz Wilhelm” was interned by alliances at Scapa Flow, were crew sank her on June 21, 1919. The model kit includes details for assembly model to 1915 and 1918 period.

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ICM S003 - Kronprinz - German Battleship
Kronprinz – German Battleship – ICM S003
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