2cm Flak 38 Late Production - DML 75039

Модель Дракона

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2cm Flak 38 Late Production

A model of the brand Модель Дракона the kit : 2cm Flak 38 Late Production – DML 75039

-Cannon can elevate to different angles -Round base plate w/authentic details -Accurate weld seams on sides of gun platform -Tightening hand wheels around the platform base have sharp detail -Gun shield molded to correct scale thickness -Gunner’s seat accurately reproduced -Hand wheels for gun adjustment -Gun cradle offers great definition of detail – even weld seams are present -Gun sight w/well-defined details

Источник: 2cm Flak 38 Late Production on Dragon Models

2cm Flak 38 Late Production - DML 75039
2cm Flak 38 Late Production – DML 75039
2cm Flak 38 Late Production - DML 75039
2cm Flak 38 Late Production – DML 75039
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Unassambled Scale 1/35 зенитная артиллерия 38 crew include 4 figures figure Resin Model Unpainted
US $16.80
Tamiya 35091 1/35 Scale German 20mm Зенитная артиллерия 38 Gun Cannon Military Display Collectible Toy Plastic Assembly Building Model Kit
US $15.88
KNL HOBBY Voyager Model PE35365 WWII German Зенитная артиллерия Panther Ausf D / w Зенитная артиллерия 38
US $57.35
4pcs 3D Metal Puzzle Type 92 Infantry Gun UK Bofors Gun German Зенитная артиллерия Пистолет США зенитная модель DIY 3D лазерная резка головоломки игрушка
US $29.00
KNL HOBBY Voyager модель AP067 Зенитная артиллерия 30/38 патрон и кассета
US $36.22
resin assembly Kits 1/ 35 Crew for 2 cm Зенитная артиллерия 38 just include 4 soldiers Unpainted Kit Resin Model Free Shipping
US $20.06

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