Squadron Signal - SS2034

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Το θέμαM3 Half Tracks
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Une τεκμηρίωση signée Μοίρα Σήμα le livre «M3 Half Tracks in Action – Squadron Signal SS2034» .

The U.S. Army’s counterpart to the German SdKfz 251, more than 33,000 of these versatile armored vehicles in various modifications served the U.S. and its allies from the first days of WWII to conflicts in Korea, Indochina, and the Middle East. More than 100 B&W photos, 18 color profiles, B&W line drawings. (Reprint) Originally published 1996. Jim Mesko. Don Greer. Joe Sewell. 50 pages.

Πηγή: Μοίρα Σήμα

Squadron Signal - SS2034
M3 τα Μισά Κομμάτια σε Δράση – Μοίρα Σήμα SS2034
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