U-Boat Τύπος VIIC - Revell 5015


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U-Boat Type VIIC

Ένα μοντέλο της μάρκας Revell το κιτ: U-Boat Type VIIC – Revell 5015.

While the Type VIIC U-Boat was effective in combat, it could only run for 6,500 knots before refueling. Despite this limitation, the Type VIIC was successful against the Allies in early WWII. This limited-run kit features a two-piece hull with molded details, a highly detailed bridge, two conning tower options with spray guards, an anti-aircraft gun with rotating mount, an 88 mm cannon with optical sighting and fire-control equipment, movable hydroplanes, a movable stern rudder, a posable periscope, opening torpedo hatches, antenna thread, a display stand and 5 decal options

Πηγή: USS U-Boat Τύπος VIIC για Revell

U-Boat Τύπος VIIC - Revell 5015
U-Boat Τύπος VIIC – Revell 5015
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