German Half-Track L4500R Maultier - Revell 03091


Αναφορά 03091

German Half-Track L4500R “Maultier”

Ένα μοντέλο της μάρκας Ρεβέλ το κιτ: German Half-Track L4500R Maultier – Revell 0309190.

Model-details: – Detailed finely engraved surfaces – Platform walls with authentic wood grain – Detailed track running gear from PzKpfw. II – Injection moulded tracks with individual links and sections – Authentic reproduction engine – Bonnet can be shown open – Detailed internal fittings – 2 figures (mechanic and driver) – Authentic decals for 2 German Army vehicles

Πηγή: German Half-Track L4500R on Revell

German Half-Track L4500R Maultier - Revell 03091
German Half-Track L4500R Maultier – Revell 03091
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