Medal "Army Medal for War 1939-45"


Τύπος Μετάλλιο εκστρατείας
ΕπιλεξιμότηταΌλα τα μέλη του πολωνικού Εδάφους Δυνάμεις
Χορηγούνται για την6 months of meritorious service
Ιδρύθηκε 3 July 1945
Συνολικά απονεμηθείnc

The Army Medal for War 1939-45 (Polish: Medal Wojska za Wojne 1939-45) was created in 1945 by the Polish government in Exile (in London) to reward members of the Polish ground forces for service during World War II. The eligibility criteria were: six months of operational service during World War II, or 12 months in a non-operational role. The medal could be conferred up to four times, although for a subsequent award the period of service was doubled.

Πηγή: Wikipedia

Medal "Army Medal for War 1939-45"
Μετάλλιο "Στρατό Μετάλλιο για τον Πόλεμο 1939-45"
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