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Einheits-Pkw Kfz.2 – signals motor vehicle – Ace Models 72511

Ένα μοντέλο της μάρκας Ace Μοντέλα το κιτ: Einheits-Pkw Kfz.2 – signals motor vehicle – Ace Models 72511.

Nachrichtenkraftwagen – Kfz. 2 The light uniform all-road car – leichten gelnde Einheits Personen-Kraftwagen was manufactured by Stoewer Company and also by BMW and Hanomag since 1936. Since 1940 to 1943 Stoewer produced the simplified model Type 40 without the rear wheels steering gear. All in all there were produced about 13000 le.gl.Einheits-Pkw. Uniform cars were appeared to be too heavy, too complicated and unreliable in the real exploitation. le.gl.Einheits-Pkw cars were produced with different types of bodies in particular, Kfz.2 three-seat radio car

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