David Batty - Japan's War in Colour



问题: 13/09/2005
工作室: 犀牛戏剧
期限: 151
国家: 联合王国
语言: 英文
字幕: 英文
硬盘有: 1
媒体: DVD
视频的形式: NTSC制式
区域: 1
IMdB上: 0939626
刚果爱国者联盟是: 0603497047321
主演: 布赖恩*考克斯
奖: 1提名

摘要: 这是假设没有彩色胶片的存在在日本,直到胜利的美国部队抵达在1945年。 这DVD是显着的证明,那些可验证的假设是错误的。 现在你可以发现这个故事的一个国家在战争中从其罕见的彩色电影,再加上信和日记从那些经历过它。 几乎所有的材料在这个颜色的纪录片已经被最近发现的并允许观众豁达日本的文化和活动,从一个全新的视角。 主题包括日本帝国的部队在1931年满洲,显着的国内场景的1930年代的日本,准备在1939年战争,并像占领在1940年代的上海。
David Batty - Japan's War in Colour
I highly recommend this DVD about Japan in the Second World War. The film does a great job in both the footage and narrative in exploring the Japanese viewpoint of the war. What is also very fascinating is the color footage in the film. Most of the footage shown about the war in the Pacific is black and white, or colorized. This documentary film is actual color footage. Not restored black and white into color: But the real deal here. The film does an excellent job in showing Japan’s experience in the war. Moreover, the narration is very, very good. You also have first-person accounts of the events of the war: which I have also found to be a plus in any documentary. Primary evidence, be it paper documents or the men who witnessed these historic events give a much more vivid picture when discussing historic events. The pictures in the film are incredible. Almost 95% is in color. And I might add, this footage has never been seen before. There is also bonus material included in the DVD called “The Last Bomb” which detail the planning and massive attacks of the then Army Air Force on the city of Tokyo. The film shows air combat footage of the Air Force in color. I have seen many of these types of films while I served in the U.S Air Force many years ago, however, this footage compliments the entire rest of the documentary film. There is also footage of the Pacific Campaign dealing with the varoius battles, such as Iwo Jima. Plus, there is footage of post-war Japan, which many documentaries do not focus on, when discussing the war. The DVD is highly recommended.


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