Kričati! Tovarniško Svetu v Konflikt: 1931-1944 - Reliefni Slim-Tin Embalaža

The World in Conflict: 1931-1944 - Embossed Slim-Tin Packaging

Zvrst : Dokumentarni

Vprašanje : 04/12/2012
Studio : Kričati! Tovarniško / Brezčasno Medijev
Trajanje : 213
Jeziki : Angleščina
Jezik : v
Diski : 2
Mediji : DVD
Značilnosti : Black and White
Video Format : NTSC
Zvok : Dolby
Regija : Ena
UPC : 0011301657268
Starring : n/a

Povzetek : Timeless Media Group is proud to bring you the sights and sounds of World War II on this special two DVD set, "The World in Conflict". Containing almost three hours of historic newsreels and rare archival footage, this collection is a must for every serious collector and student of the history of WWII. This is the whole story, beginning in the 1930's with Japan's invasion of China and Germany's buildup and Blitzkrieg into neighboring Czechoslovakia and Poland in 1939. As Germany pounded London during the Battle of Britain and Japan's navy swept unopposed across the Pacific, nations in every corner of the globe were plunged ever deeper into what would become a worldwide conflagration. Disc One: Part 1 - 1931-1942; Part 2 - 1942-1944 Disc Two: Part 3 - 1944-1945
Kričati! Tovarniško Svetu v Konflikt: 1931-1944 - Reliefni Slim-Tin Embalaža
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