Roman Karmen - Neznano Vojne: po drugi svetovni VOJNI In Epske Bitke ruske Spredaj

The Unknown War: WWII And The Epic Battles Of The Russian Front

Zvrst :

Vprašanje : 24/05/2011
Studio : Vivendi Entertainment
Trajanje : 990
Jeziki : Angleščina
Jezik : v
Diski : 5
Mediji : DVD
Značilnosti : Box set
Video Format : NTSC
Regija : Ena
UPC : 0826663125603
Starring : Burt Lancaster, Rod McKuen

Povzetek : 5 Dvd: All 20 Original Episodes The Unknown War was a landmark television documentary series about the Soviet struggle against, and ultimate victory over, the Nazi war machine. Hosted and narrated by Academy Award winner Burt Lancaster, this sprawling series features rare and stunning footage recorded by Soviet camera crews on the front lines, most of it unseen since its original broadcast 30 years ago. From the June 22, 1941, invasion of the Soviet Union to the Russians’ victorious march into Berlin in 1945, the devastating battles in the air, at sea and on land are detailed with astonishing images. These stories of heroism, savagery and suffering from what the Russians call The Great Patriotic War will shed new light on the Red Army’s massive contribution to the Allies’ defeat of Hitler in World War II.
Roman Karmen - Neznano Vojne: po drugi svetovni VOJNI In Epske Bitke ruske Spredaj
“ “The World At War” does a somewhat good job for reporting on the “General story”..of the Eastern war..but not in great detail like this documentary does. ” ...

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