Kričať! Factory - Kórea V zabudnutým - 4 DVD Set!

Korea The Forgotten War - 4 DVD Set!

Genre :

Vydanie : 25/05/2010
Štúdio : Shout! Factory / Timeless Media
Doba trvania : 313
Jazyky : Angličtina
Jazyk : v
Disky : 4
Médiá : DVD
Funkcie : Box set
Video Formát : NTSC
Kraj : 1
UPC : 0011301698445
Hrajú : n/a

Zhrnutie : Korea - The Forgotten War 1950-1953! 4 DVD Set! The complete story of the Cold War's first bloody and brutal conflict pitting East against West! Be a part of history as North Korea invades South Korea, inside General Douglas McArthur's Plan for the West, examine the brilliant strategy of the Inchon Invasion, witness the fierce Red Chinese Army crossing the Yalu River, experience the bloody fight for Pork Chop Hill! Learn how American GIs and Marines survived the frigid Korean winter, meet Korean War Vets as they recount their personal struggles and triumphs, be there for the final battles and the signing of the cease fire. Watch exclusive interviews with American Medal of Honor recipients!
Kričať! Factory - Kórea V zabudnutým - 4 DVD Set!
Tým, že David Rasch
It makes the conflict come alive in real time. It has changed, sharpened, intensified, my understanding of the word Korea. This is a series parents can watch with their kids knowing they will see the unvarnished truth about the Korean War and war in general. What struck me most is the resilience, courage, ingenuity and spirit of the American fighting man and woman. being a veteran, when I volunteer at the V.A. hospital, I can better connect with the vets who were there.

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