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P-47G Thunderbolt

First flight6 May 1941

galerie photo sur un P-47G Thunderbolt, Le chasseur Republic P-47 Thunderbolt has been one of the american planes that have the largest weighed during the period of the Second world War. Not only because it was one of the hunters the most built up to our days (14 500 units) but, because he was very effective in the missions of fire support, to the point that it eventually became its primary role as its performance is rather low for a hunter did not allow him to compete with his counterpart, the P-51 Mustang. His finish for the less harsh, and its master told him of the nickname of the Scourge (Jug which is the abbreviation of Juggernaut).

Source: P-47D Thunderbolt on Wikipedia

P-47G Thunderbolt
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P-47G Thunderbolt Walk Around
PhotographerCees Hendriks
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