Geschiedenis - Patton 360: Het Complete Seizoen 1

Patton 360: The Complete Season 1

Soort :

Probleem : 27/10/2009
Duur : 470
Talen : Engels
Taal : nl
Schijven : 3
Media : DVD
Kenmerken : Box
Picture Format : Pan & Scan
Video Formaat : NTSC
Geluid : Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Regio : 1
UPC : 0733961154788
Acteurs : Verschillende

Samenvatting : It was a war and a series of military campaigns like no other. Now HISTORY puts you in the action with Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. as he leads his heroic soldiers in North Africa, in the invasion of Sicily, and in the charge across Europe to defeat Hitler s Third Reich. Following on the success of Battle 360, PATTON 360 uses cutting-edge computer graphic animation and the latest technology to bring viewers a 360-degree view of World War II. Patton, a complicated, colorful, and ferociously determined officer known as Old Blood and Guts, springs to life with the aid of archival footage, personal diary quotes, and commentary from historians and veterans. With insight into the forces he commanded and battles he led, you ll be there for all the drama, from lightning-fast armored assaults to the Battle of the Bulge and the final battles inside Germany after crossing the Rhine. Grab a helmet and prepare for action!
Geschiedenis - Patton 360: Het Complete Seizoen 1
Awesome series June 22, 2009
I knew General Patton was a great battlefield commander. Despite his flaws, he was still the right man to do the job of smashing the Hitler-Nazi machine. This what the series, Patton 360, brings out. It clearly portrays the genius of a man driven to wreak havoc on the enemy. I never realized, until now, just how much of a struggle it was to win back France, and the obstacles that had to be overcome. I have no doubt that if Patton was given full sway, the war might well have shortened by almost a year. But judge for yourself. Watch or buy the series. Enjoy the clever and artful way computer graphics have been combined with historical footage to give a complete and exciting story of World War II’s most controversial but successful general – and appreciate how America always seems to come with a man at the hour of her need or peril.

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