Šaukti! Gamykloje Battlefield Rusija: Rytų Fronte! 3 DVD Komplektas!

Battlefield Russia: The Eastern Front! 3 DVD Set!

Genre :

Klausimas : 21/09/2010
Studija : Shout! Factory / Timeless Media
Trukmė : 360
Kalbos : Lietuvių
Kalbos : lt
Diskų : 3
Žiniasklaidos : DVD
Savybės : Box set
Vaizdo Formatas : NTSC
Garsas : "Dolby"
Regionas : 1
UPC : 0011301666956
Vaidina : n/a

Santrauka : Battlefield - Russia: The Eastern Front explores the crucial role played by Russia in defeating the armies of Nazi Germany. Hoping for a repeat of the successful Blitzkrieg that rolled across Western Europe, the Germans envisioned a swift capitulation by Russia. Instead, the Red Army stopped the Nazi advances in the snows of Stalingrad, waging a battle of attrition, in which hundreds of thousands of German soldiers and millions of Russians perished before liberating the city of Berlin. Now for the first time, TMG and NBC Universal bring you these detailed accounts of pivotal battles of World War II. Each episode covers one great battle, featuring portraits of the leaders and commanders, explanations of weapons and tactics, a review of the political and military situation leading up to the battle, troop deployment, and the story of the battle itself. Narrated by Tim Pigot-Smith (V for Vendetta, Quantum of Solace)! Watch rare archival footage from vaults around the world!
Šaukti! Gamykloje Battlefield Rusija: Rytų Fronte! 3 DVD Komplektas!
“ More than any other war documentary, this suite brings forth the awful magnitude of WWII, especially for the Eastern Front. ”
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