A&E " Home Video - World at War

The World at War

Žanras : Dokumentinis

Klausimas : 24/08/2004
Studija : A&E Home Video
Trukmė : 1357
Kalbos : Lietuvių
Kalbos : lt
Diskų : 11
Žiniasklaidos : DVD
Savybės : Box set, Black and White
Nuotraukos Formatas : Pan & Scan
Vaizdo Formatas : NTSC
Sound : Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Regionas : 1
UPC : 9780767065757
Vaidina : Laurence Olivier, Anthony Eden, Averell Harriman, Albert Speer, Siegfried Westphal

Santrauka : More than 30 years after its initial broadcast, THE WORLD AT WAR remains the definitive visual history of World War II. Narrated by Academy Award winner Laurence Olivier and digitally re-mastered for DVD, this is epic history at its absolute best. Unsurpassed in depth and scope, its 26 hour-long programs feature an extraordinary collection of newsreel, propaganda, and home-movie footage drawn from the archives of 18 nations, including color close-ups of Adolf Hitler taken by his mistress, that present an unvarnished perspective of the war's pivotal events. Penetrating interviews with eyewitness participants--from Hitler's secretary to Alger Hiss to ordinary citizens who stood outside the battle lines--add spine-tingling, first-hand accounts to an already unforgettable viewing experience. Informative and unbiased, THE WORLD AT WAR is the recipient of numerous accolades, including an International Emmy Award, The National Television Critic's Award for Best Documentary, and knighthood for its creator, Sir Jeremy Isaacs.
A&E " Home Video - World at War
The World at War
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  • 26 original episodes plus over 12 hours of bonus material (3 hours of new material)
  • The Making of The World at War
  • Bonus documentaries: “Secretary to Hitler,” “The Two Deaths of Adolf Hitler,” “Warrior,” “Hitler’s Germany: 1932-1939,” “Hitler’s Germany: 1939-1945,” “The Final Solution,” “From War to Peace”
  • 30th anniversary feature-length retrospective film
  • Biographies
  • Timeline
  • Gallery of photos from the Imperial War Museum collection
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