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WWII: Battles in the Sky

Műfaj :

Kérdés : 22/01/2013
Stúdió : Témák Szórakozás
Időtartam : 750
Nyelvek :
Nyelv : a
Lemezek : 8
Média : DVD
Videó Formátum : NTSC
UPC : 0781735607596
Főszerepben : Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, Craig Stevens

Összefoglaló : Actual Aircraft & Air War Footage Meet some of the most daring and heroic pilots, and see the aircraft they relied on in this 8-DVD collection WWII: Battles in the Sky. See actual footage of bombing runs, America s best planes, enemy aircraft, and documentaries starring Hollywood actors, including Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Reagan and Craig Stevens. State-of-the-art technology was used to digitally remaster and create pristine transfers from the original source materials in order to ensure this set contains the highest quality collection of war films available anywhere. Since 1934, the National Archives has been responsible for the acquisition, preservation, and public dissemination of the permanent records of the United States government. Select materials from this inestimable national resource have been assembled to produce WWII: Battles in the Sky. These films are not rated. May contain scenes and language not suitable for all viewers. Product Features "More than 11 hours of film, footage and documentaries" "Featuring the B-26, B-47, German bombers & more" "24 direct and uncut National Archives films" "Includes acting and narration by Hollywood stars, such as Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Reagan and Craig Stevens" "Includes films on enemy planes, such as the Heinkel 177, the Ju88 and the Focke-Wulf 190"
Nemzeti Archívum - második VILÁGHÁBORÚ: a Csaták az Égen


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