Korean War Pushed To The Brink

Korean War: Pushed To The Brink

Genre : Historia

Kysymys : 11/12/2012
Studio : TGG Direct, LLC
Kesto : 300
Kielet :
Kieli : vuonna
Levyjä : 2
Media : DVD
Video-Muodossa : NTSC
Alue : Yksi
UPC : 0011891510233
Pääosissa : Not Available

Yhteenveto : This compelling collection of documentaries describe the early US initiatives to help Korea resist China. Experience how the US military, after almost being pushed out of Korea, fought back and were able to cross back over the 38th Parallel. A captivating look into the real stories and real people who sacrificed to achieve and sustain freedom.
Korean War Pushed To The Brink
Features the real heroes who sacrificed to promote, achieve and sustain freedom.

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