Five Documentaries - Hitler's Defeat - 5 Documentaries

Ο χίτλερ την Ήττα - 5 Ντοκιμαντέρ

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Θέμα : 15/03/2011
Στούντιο παραγωγής : Το Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
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Περίληψη : As the leader of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler established himself as one of the most notable—and feared—figures in world history. His propaganda and terror-filled reign made him arguably the most notorious dictators ever to hold power. WHY HITLER LOST WWII "Why Hitler Lost WWII" explores the fascinating reasons behind Hitler's demise and delves into several explanations for the failed 1,000-year Reich. THE RISE AND FALL OF ADOLPH HITLER "The Rise and Fall of Adolph Hitler" tracks Hitler's path to world domination and explores the idea that "absolute power corrupts absolutely." THE HITLER CONSPIRACIES "The Hitler Conspiracies" takes a closer look at those who tried to rid the world of Hitler, including many within his own organization. HITLER STOLE MY IDEAS "Hitler Stole My Ideas" investigates the claim that Jörg Lanz had written similar theories on racial purity prior to Hitler's reign. HITLER'S RELIGION "Hitler's Religion" explores the influence of propaganda on religion during Hitler's reign as well as his representation as the new Messiah.
Five Documentaries - Hitler's Defeat - 5 Documentaries
The history presented is quite accurate,yet not all the remarks are true.Some speculation suggested.The footage is what is really interesting.Seldom seen frames of Hitler and his inner kreis.This is one of the better documentaries about Hitler and the Third Reich.It’s ironic that Hitler learned of his pagan (heidetum) heritage from jewish quasi-scholars,who had a mutual interest in the occult.The part about Stauffenberg is not the whole story.Goering and Himmler wanted Hitler to move along.For sure,they knew Hitler suffered from Parkenson’s disease,by listening to Dokter Moerrel.Stauffenbergh was born of the noble class,junker klasse.Both Goering and Himmler knew if the plot failed,as it would be,Stauffenberg as the main fall-guy.And if the plot succeeded,Stauffenberg would be scorned as a ‘volksverrater’,an enemy of the German people.And then executed.Either way,it was a grim future for Stauffenberg.It’s the footage that makes this documentary worthwhile.
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