The First World War - The Complete Series

The First World War - The Complete Series

Genre : Documentary

Issue : 30/08/2005
Writer : Arthur Ransome, David Lloyd George, Douglas Haig, Edward Grey, Georges Clemenceau, Harold Macmillan, Karen Blixen, Raymond Poincaré, Rudolf Hess, Siegfried Sassoon, Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg, Vera Brittain, Winston Churchill
Studio : Image Entertainment
Duration : 523
Country : US
Languages : English
Language : en
Subtitles : Aucun.
Discs : 4
Media : DVD
Features : Box set, Black and White
Video Format : NTSC
Sound : Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Region : 1
UPC : 0014381055122
Starring : Jonathan Lewis, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Andrée Bernard, King Ferdinand of Bulgaria, Erich Ludendorff

Summary : This definitive ten-part series offers insight and analysis to provide a coherent and strategic military narrative of the worldwide conflict that changed history.
The First World War - The Complete Series
“ While extremely well made and presented, this documentary series is more of a social history of world war one than a military one. ”

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