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Victory at Sea

Žánr : Dokumentární

Problém : 01/07/2005
Studio : Mill Creek Entertainment
Doba trvání : 676
Jazyky : Anglický
Jazyk : cs
Disky : 2
Média : DVD
Vlastnosti : Box set, Black and White
Video Formát : NTSC
UPC : 0683904504081
V hlavní roli : Richard Rogers

Shrnutí : "Victory at Sea", a 26-episode series on World War II, represented one of the most ambitious documentary undertakings of early network television. The series premiered on the last Sunday of October 1952, and subsequent episodes played each Sunday afternoon through May 1953. Each half-hour installment dealt with some aspect of World War II naval warfare and highlighted each of the sea war's major campaigns. That drama was enhanced by the program's sententious voice-over narration and by Richard Rogers's stirring musical score. "Features:" Design for War The Pacific Boils Over Sealing the Breach Midway is East Mediterranean Mosaic Guadalcanal Rings Around Rabaul Marenstrum Sea and Sand Beneath the Southern Cross The Magnetic North Conquest of Micronesia Melanesian Nightmare Roman Renaissance D-Day Killers and the Kill The Turkey Shoot Two if by Sea The Battle for Leyte Gulf Return of the Allies Full Fathom Five The Fate of Europe Target Suribachi The Road to Mandalay Suicide for Glory Design for Peace
Mill Creek Entertainment - Vítězství na Moři
“ This is history in its purest form, as it really happened, before the historians had a chance to distort it for political purposes. ”

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