John Sturges, William Wyler - Thunderbolt


Žánr : Dokumentární

Problém : 15/05/2001
Spisovatel : Lester Koenig
Studio : Gaiam - Zábava
Doba trvání : 45
Země : Spojené státy
Jazyky : Anglický
Jazyk : to
Titulky : Italiano per non udenti
Disky : 1
Média : DVD
Formát Obrazu : Široká Obrazovka
Video Formát : NTSC
Zvuk : Mono
Region : 1
IMdB : 0038171
UPC : 0018713811752
V hlavní roli : James Stewart
Kategorie : Druhé světové Války, Letecké

Shrnutí : Vzrušující barevné fotografie Spojenecké invaze do Itálie a Francie, jak je vidět očima P-47 Thunderbolt stíhací skupiny umístěné na ostrově Korsika, upozorňuje v této druhé světové VÁLCE Armáda dokument co-režie: William Wyler a John Sturges, a s úvodem Jimmy Stewart. 45 min.
John Sturges, William Wyler - Thunderbolt
Thunderbolt 2. světové války DVD
Air Force P-47 Thunderbolt Filmy 2. světové války Výcviku v Létání Akrobacie, Jak Létat DVD
Thunderbolt 2. světové války DVD
Air Force-Films P-47 Thunderbolt Stories Un-crate WW2 Flying D2
Thunderbolt 2. světové války DVD
ww2 inc olor thunderbolt dvd
This DVD has been taken from a early-forties era documentary film made with Stateside audiences in mind. It was probably shown in theaters before the main shows during the war years. One of the big pluses is that the film is in color, and that the color is strikingly good for a combat film. Directed by Academy Award winner William Wyler (best known for ‘Ben-Hur’ and the original documentary of ‘The Memphis Belle’), the film depicts life–and death–in a P-47 Thunderbolt squadron based in Italy. It gives the viewer a good look at Italy, not just the base itself. The strafing runs are excellent, taken by a camera mounted in the planes on actual missions. For a wartime propaganda film, it is quite honest and deals with the suffering of noncombatants, showing bombed-out buildings, children playing near a burned corpse, and haggard, war-weary men and women. The aerial footage is excellent, the dialogue is good, and the quality of the picture is also good. The film also shows the tragic results of a Thunderbolt crash quite graphically, as if to remind the viewer that war is a dangerous game and that there is never any guarantee that the pilots will return from their missions. This color film runs around 45 minutes. It is well worth the price.

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