Timeless Media Group - The Complete Story: World War I

Пълна История: Първа Световна Война

Жанр: История

Въпрос : 31/07/2005
Студио : Timeless Media Group
Продължителност : 645
Държава : Великобритания
Езици : Английски
Език : от
Cd-та : 3
МЕДИИ : DVD-диск
Характеристики : Бокс-сет
Формат На Видео : В NTSC
Регион : 1
UPC : 0011301632937
В ролите :

Резюме : This collection includes eleven episodes on three DVDs that were painstakingly researched and assembled to include rare original material and long-lost footage that takes viewers from the carefree Europe of the turn of the century to the uneasy peace that ended it. Narrated by Robert Ryan.
Timeless Media Group - The Complete Story: World War I
“ In addition, the British series focuses almost exclusively on the military aspects of the war in addition to social and economic conditions in Britain. ”

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