Maro Chermayeff - Carrier


Жанр: Документален

Въпрос : 06/05/2008
Производител : Michael Jarema
Писател : Nathan J. White
Студио : PBS
Продължителност : 600
Държава : САЩ
Езици : Английски
Език : En
Cd-та : 3
МЕДИИ : DVD-диск
формат на изображението : Широкоекранен
Формат На Видео : В NTSC
Звук : Dolby Digital
Регион : 1
IMdB : 1224387
UPC : 0841887009461
В ролите : .
Awards : Won Primetime Emmy,
Тагове : Aircraft Carrier, Operation Iraqi Freedom, U.S. Navy, Military, Iraq War, U.S. Marine Corps

Резюме : CARRIER is a character driven, edge-of-your-seat, nonfiction drama as well as a total immersion in the high stakes world of a nuclear aircraft carrier. CARRIER follows a core group of film participants aboard the USS Nimitz, from the admiral of the strike group to the fighter pilots to the youngest sailors, as they navigate personal conflicts around their jobs, families, faith, patriotism, love, the rites of passage and the war on terror.
Maro Chermayeff - Carrier
“ This was a VERY comprehensive documentary that accurately depicted everyday life aboard a U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz, CVN-68. ”

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