Тип 69 (Ирачке)

Тип 69 (Ирачке)

Земља Кина-Ирачке
Тип Главни борбени тенк
Фотографија Азраел Вране
Име Type 59 (NVA) Around
Опис Албум 74 photos walk-around of a «Type 69 (Iraqi)»

Фото галерија Тип 69 (Ирачке),
The Type 69 (Chinese: 69式; pinyin: Liùjiǔ shì) and Type 79 (Chinese: 79式; pinyin: Qījiǔ shì) are Chinese main battle tanks. Both developments of the Type 59 (based on the Soviet T-54A), they were the first main battle tanks developed independently by China.Their lineage can be seen through the distinct gap between the first and second roadwheels. Other improvements included a new engine, ballistic computers, and laser rangefinders. The more advanced Type 79 was equipped with a 105 mm rifled gun, also seen on the later Type 88 tank.
-Type 69-QM – Also known as T-55B inside the Iraqi Army. Type 69-II with standard 100 mm rifled main gun, armour reinforced with layer armour on the front glacis, an observation mast and, on some units, a 60 mm mortar. Command vehicles often fitted with blocks of appliqué spaced armour, similar to the so-called Enigma T-55s. Produced 1986–1988.
-Type 69-QM1 – Type 69-II upgraded with NATO standard 105 mm rifled gun and laser range-finder. Produced 1984–1988.
-Type 69-QM2 – Type 69-II upgraded with Warsaw Pact standard 125 mm (L80) smoothbore main gun and laser range-finder. Produced 1986–1991.

Извор: Type 69 (Iraqi) on Wikipedia

Wait, Searching Type 69 (Iraqi) photos for you…
Wait, Searching Type Type 69 (Iraqi) for you…

Тежина 36,7t
Дужина 6,24m
Ширина 3,30m
Висина 2,80m
Посада 4
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