Даглас ПОДГРУПА-10V Skyknight

Даглас ПОДГРУПА-10V Skyknight

Први лет23 March 1948

Фото галерија Даглас ПОДГРУПА-10V Skyknight, The Douglas F3D Skyknight (later designated F-10 Skyknight) was a United States twin-engined, mid-wing jet fighter aircraft manufactured by the Douglas Aircraft Company in El Segundo, California. The F3D was designed as a carrier-based all-weather night fighter and saw service with the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. The mission of the F3D was to search out and destroy enemy aircraft at night.

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Даглас ПОДГРУПА-10V Skyknight
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Douglas F3D-2 Skyknight Walk Around
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