Vrsta 94 37 mm Anti-Tank Gun

Vrsta 94 37 mm Anti-Tank Gun

VrstaAnti-Tank Gun
FotografijaVladimir Yakubov
PoiščiteAuckland War Memorial Museum
OpisAlbum 32 fotografije sprehod okoli "Tip 94 37 mm Anti-Tank Gun"

Galerija a Vrsta 94 37 mm Anti-Tank Gun, The Type 94 37 mm anti-tank gun (九四式三十七粍速射砲 Kyūyon-shiki sanjyūnana-miri sokushahō?) was an anti-tank gun developed by the Imperial Japanese Army, and used in combat during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. The Type 94 number was designated for the year the gun was accepted, 2594 in the Japanese imperial year calendar, or 1934 in the Gregorian calendar

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