Dewoitine D. 26

Dewoitine D. 26

DržavaFrancija – Švica
VrstaTrener letala
FotografijaVladimir Yakubov
PoiščiteFantasy pobega, Polk Mesto
OpisAlbum 80 fotografije sprehod okoli "Dewoitine D. 26"

Galerija a Dewoitine D. 26, The Dewoitine D.26 was a military trainer developed in France for the Swiss Air Force in parallel with the D.27 fighter. The D.26 airframe was similar to that of the D.27. Differences included: The engine cowling was omitted on the D.26; The D.26 radial engine was smaller and produced less power; The D.26 was not equipped with provision for armament.

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Počakajte, Iskanje Dewoitine D. 26 fotografij za vas...
Počakajte, Iskanje Dewoitine D. 26 za vas...

VlogoTrener letala
Prvi polet Decembra 1929
Število zgrajena12

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