Hawk Strela Plastový Model Kit - Revell 85-7813


Obj. kód 85-7813
Druh Misile
Rozsahu 1/32

Hawk Missile

Model značky Revell súpravy: Hawk Missile – Revell 85-7813.

Publicly introduced in October of 1957, the Hawk Missile system was a low-altitude, medium-range surface-to-air missile developed to destroy aircraft and in-flight missiles. The Hawk’s ability to seek out and defeat enemy aircraft was the result of its highly advanced radar, which was housed in the missile guidance system. Kit features three Hawk missiles, complete mobile radar and missile trailers, four crew member figures and decals with authentic U.S. Army graphics.

Zdroj: Hawk Rakiet na Revell

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Hawk Strela Plastový Model Kit - Revell 85-7813
Hawk Strela Plastový Model Kit – Revell 85-7813
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