- Крейсер - Быстрый Линкор Харуна

Battlecruiser - Fast Battleship Haruna

Жанр : История

Вопрос : 30/12/2012
Редактор : 15
Издатель : Кагеро Publishing
Формат : Мягкая
Страницы : 84
Габариты : 0.00 x 0.00 in
Номер ISBN-10 : 9788362878383
АСИН : 836287838X
In-depth graphic examination of the last ship of the Imperial Japanese Navy's Kongo class (represented as rebuilt to fast battleship standard in late 1944 configuration) - design and construction, propulsion, armament, armor and technical background. An excellent visual guide to the ship from all aspects - overall and in detail - hull, upperworks, weapons systems, fire control, boats, aircraft and fittings. Features more than 130 detailed color computer generated graphic images revealing the ship from stem to stern and bilge keels to masthead.
- Крейсер - Быстрый Линкор Харуна

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