FV1611A Humber Porco Mk.2

FV1611A Humber Porco Mk.2

PaísReino UNIDO
TipoCaminhão blindado
FotografiaVladimir Yakubov
DescriçãoÁlbum de 64 fotos de caminhada ao redor de um "FV1611A Humber Porco Mk.2"

Galeria de fotos de uma FV1611A Humber Porco Mk.2, The Humber Pig is a lightly armoured truck used by the British Army from the 1950s until the early 1990s. The Pig saw service with the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) from the late 1958 until early 1970. The Pig became particularly well known from its presence on the streets of Northern Ireland during the worst of the Troubles.

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Wait, Searching FV1611A Humber Pig Mk.2 photos for you…
Wait, Searching FV1611A Humber Pig Mk.2 for you…

A história de produção
FabricanteHumber Rootes Group Limited
Número interno1,700
VariantesMk 1, Mk 2
Peso4.8 t Mk 1 – 6.5 t Mk 2
Tripulação2 + 6
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  • latająca świnia z ulsteru

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