Steven Ritmo - Mustang: O Garanhão Puro-Sangue

Mustang: Thoroughbred Stallion

Gênero : História

Assuntos : History, Military, Aviation
Problema : 31/12/2012
Editor :
Publisher : Fonthill Media
Formato : Capa dura
Páginas : 320
Idioma : pt
Dimensões : 10.83 x 8.46 x 0.71 in
ISBN-10 : 9781781550519
ASIN : 1781550514
The definitive book on the Mustang, the main US fighter plane in World War II. Many of the images in the book have never been published before and it includes numerous first-hand accounts of the Mustang in battle. Steven Pace is a leading aviation historian based in the United States.
Steven Ritmo - Mustang: O Garanhão Puro-Sangue

Sobre o Autor

Steve Pace is a published aviation history writer/historian and a former contributing editor to Wings and Airpower magazines. Pace has been writing on aviation history for more than 33 years and was a former employee of the Boeing Airplane Company who worked on the 707 and 737 production lines at Plant 3 in Renton, Washington, USA. Pace is now the contributing editor to Flight Journal magazine.

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